A new evil rises from a time when evil reigned. Part corpse, part robot, all Nazi.
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A dark graphic novel about two children fighting to survive a long dormant evil, an army of nightmarish creatures, that have risen from the forgotten Second World War bunkers of their tiny island. Part corpse, part robot, all Nazi.

In 2002 I made my first trailer for a film project called Worst Case Scenario. It made quite a splash on the Internet (even though YouTube wasn't around then), but it wasn't until recently that I realised it had been such a huge online success. At the time, my producer and myself secured a deal with an American financier, but it never came through and the project ended up in development hell. I tried to resurrect it with a second trailer, and even though that went viral, I could not get my precious project back on track.

A few years later I decided to make a feature film in the spirit of Worst Case Scenario, using some of the concepts and designs, but with a completely new story. It was titled Frankenstein's Army. It was released worldwide and became a huge success in Japan, but all the fans who saw the movie kept asking me what happened to ‘Worst Case Scenario’, and if that film would ever see the light of day?

 Recently I had the urge to actually do something about it. Not a movie necessarily, but I wanted to tell the story about the two kids and the flying balloon sequence from the second trailer. A lot of my regular work has been delayed due to the Corona-crisis, so I wanted to take that opportunity to show the story how I always imagined it in the form of a graphic novel. I asked my friend, writer-director Eron Sheean to jump on board as a writer, and off we went! More friends then jumped on board: director Brian Yuzna will write a brief intro, and respected artist and colleague Romano Molenaar will do the cover art. It’s all in the mix and we are ready to rock! We plan to create a 32 page softcover graphic novel, and a special 52 page hardcover edition with some extra exclusive artwork. The artwork will be hand drawn, just as the cover has been hand painted, and I have commissioned some very talented artists to create sculptures of some of my creatures, which will be offered on this website, along with numerous other goodies.

I have spent years designing and developing ideas for Worst Case Scenario and I have finally found a wonderful format to give life to my ideas through this graphic novel, and if this is successful, it may tempt me once again to resurrect the film!

I look forward to pouring my heart and soul into this project and sharing it with you all. But first I got to have some funding to start. And that's where you come in.
I started with a Kickstarter campaign and we reached our goal!!! Amazing! BUT unfortunately the Corona crisis interveined and loads of people lost their jobs and credit cards where frozen so... we started this webshop to get funding to start the making of Worst Case Scenario: the graphic novel.

Thanks for the support!

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