A new evil rises from a time when evil reigned. Part corpse, part robot, all Nazi.
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Richard Raaphorst graduated Art Acadamy by directing his first movie: Zombi 1. With his drawing and painting skills he quickly won over filmmakers like Paul Verhoeven, Jacky Chan, Stuart Gordon, Terry Gilliam, Brian Yuzna, David Fincher and loads of others that fell for his concept art, storyboards and title designs. But filmmaking itself continued as well. In 2007 his short film 'Own World' appeared and a year later Richard was second unit director for 'White Light'. That same year Richard made two more short films, Wednesday Mince Day and the award-winning Popo. Things remained quiet for some time because a lot of work had to be done on Worst Case Scenario, a film that unfortunately never saw the light of day. However, pieces from that development phase were seized and reused for Raaphorst his first feature: Frankenstein's Army. This film immediately became a worldwide cult hit. And in the meantime Richard also made the acclaimed short film Rocket Man. Since then he is hard at work developing several major genre projects (Higgs, The Profundis and a Dutch folk horror anthology). Meanwhile, he still makes storyboards and concept art for films and commercials and he has also been developing skills as a prop maker and special fx artist for the creative collective The Mad Scientists Movement.

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